2017-11-26: New "compareTo" validation method to compare a number/date field against another number/date field

2017-05-28: New "payment" field to collect payments with PayPal (demo), PayPal Braintree (demo), or Stripe (demo)

2017-04-16: New field "verify sender" to send verification code by email or phone text message (Demo)

2017-04-08: Accept URL variables (how-to)

2017-03-26: New Google Invisible reCAPTCHA feature (how-to)

2017-02-26: New address field with Google Address Autocomplete feature (Demo Form)

2017-02-11: New option "Save data to database", read how-to here.

2017-01-28: You can now create multi-step forms! (Demo: multi-step order form)

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