There are so many form mailers out there all claiming to work, they dont, I was thinking it was me, getting old or something like that. Those experts out there that offer help must be sadists. At any rate they are enough to make you old in a hurry. I don't know how many folders I deleted until I got smart and Duck Duck Go for jquery mail form....I use bootstrap on a number of my websites.

Again, many thanks for a website and a form mailer that is an answer to my prayers, and without doubt the solution for many thousands of others in the same dilemma, They will be spending hours tweaking on useless scripts.

Your form tool is a time saver.
I have passed along the information to my business partner.
I told him I tried all the rest and have settled for the best.

One of the outstanding points is that it does not destroy
a mobile friendly page.
It is so frustrating to upload files only to discover that the
form mailers will not work even though they are proclaimed
by the self appointed 'experts' to be the ideal solution.
Some can be made to work, but only through the application
of moderate re-design and additional files.

Your mailer works like a charm...first time...unzip...upload folder with contents...Change "to": "", and...
Voyez la belle forme !

- Dan Wolff

I’ve been using jQuery Form Builder since 2017. I collect student information and teach jQuery Form Builder in all my web development classes. My commercial website clients always comment on the “ease of use” of my website forms.

It’s all possible with jQuery Form Builder.

Prof. Burnett
Director, Front-End Web Certification Program
Montgomery College, Maryland

- Carl Burnett

nice work. just bought you $20 worth of coffee for saving me $100 worth of work! Thanks!

- Kevin Javid

... Also, I was only able to utilize what you have so beautifully built: and I especially mean beauty of functionality and logic. Your form builder feels intuitive to me, and I love imagining all the quirks you had to anticipate and work out to both extend functionality, and simultaneously "idiot proof it" 😂

- Joshua Jourdain

Great product. I've been killing myself trying to find exactly this. $5 per form is more than reasonable. I'd be willing to pay a licensing fee, annual or otherwise, that allows me to do multiple forms across multiple sites if you ever decide to go that route.

- Harold Nelson

Excellent form creator! And not just for collect and save/email applications. I found it fairly easy to modify the forms so that "Submit" will POST to whatever action script I designate. And, on the load side, it is also easy to stand up a script in front of the form so data can be pre-loaded. These were essential to my use case, so having a design tool is great, but having output that's easy to tweak - without killing the ability to use the designer for modifications - has been fabulous.

- Scott Smith

Great tool. I donated. Saves me so much time!!

Forms have always been a time consuming process for me. With this tool, it takes the pain out of the process and makes it infinitely faster.

Huge Fan.

- Ben Bauer Designs

I'll be sure to pass this little gem on to my colleagues!

spent days looking for something that looked sexy and actually worked!!!

thank you!

- Jody Monson

I’ll definitely be sure to use your script again on future projects, it’s been really easy to work with and styling was a dream too!

- David Brown

Thank you for the WONDERFUL product. I will definitely be buying you more coffee in the future as I would like to use your form builder/processor for all my bootstrap forms.

It is truly well done!

- Heidi A. LeMaire

no problem I just love your site best form maker ever

- Yash Karade

Sweet, thanks! Form works like a charm, glad I found it!

- Luuk van Aggelen

No problem other than I spent $69.00 on Coffeecup web form builder and it's crap.

I wish I found this sooner. It works great.


- Joe

I love your form builder. I'll be using it as my main source of forms going forward so will be buying more in the future.

- Kris Cadwell

Thank you for the well written code, saved me a ton of time. I wish I had more to give at the moment!!!​

- J. Holloway

I just wanted to pass on a sincere thank you, this jquery form maker is an absolute life saver! Wish I had stumbled upon this sooner, it does everything I want in a jiffy. Thanks again!

- Gilian Ortillan

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you've put into this great tool!
I totally love it! And that's coming from a 17 years, experienced full stack LAMP developer/designer.

- Georgi Todorov is a great site ever i have seen ! ThQ

- Shahadat Niloy

Thank you for making such a nice form builder! I really like the tool, easy to use and works like a charm :-)
Will use it more for sure in the future!

- Martijn Schornagel

I've used a number of PHP form mailers over the years and recently went searching for something better than my current form builder. I wanted one that exported code that was clean and simple. The other form builders I've used in the past were over-bloated and hard to make minor style edits.

JQuery Form Builder is easy to initially setup and super easy to make minor style adjustments if you want to adjust the CSS.

This is by far the best form builder I've used and a huge bargain versus WuForms or any of the monthly subscription form services.

I use Gravity Forms for WordPress web forms and this is my new go-to form builder for simple HTML projects.

Best regards,
Delwin Holeman

- Delwin Holeman

Well done sir. This saved me a ton of time. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. Just waiting on client signoff before I can launch it. I'll hopefully be exploring and using this more (and donating more) as I have more time to unbury myself from my backlog of projects!

- Garret Matsuura

Just wanted to let you know how much I like your jquery form. Very simple and clean. I can see wanting to use this for future projects for customers.

- John Seger

Your app is one of the best I've used in my 18 years of designing websites. I've used it before and have recommended it to my friends.

- Jerry LaVilla

Worked like a charm. You have a fantastic application and I found it easy to use and includes a lot of very robust features.

- Ted Crommett

It has been great to see you continue to enhance your jquery form product. I really like the new address with auto-completion using google's api. Very well done!
... Love working with your form generator. There is literally nothing out there on the market that does such a great job.

Keep up the good work!

- John Seger

This is absolutely the best formbuilder ever. So complete, the maker has really thought of everything single thing one could wish in a form. So happy I found this.

- Mary

Superb! Absolutely brilliant product

- MarBen Heatony

Your formmail script, in my opinion, is the best I have seen yet. I have been to other sites and they are a bunch of rip-off artists. Your script is sooooo robust, not to mention the "Form Admin Panel." This is the main reason why I decided to donate.

- Marin Designs

Awesome form builder guys!!. I am still playing around with it, but just building the form is so impressive.

- Imran

Hi! Thank you so much for this great tool, it saves me hours and hours of coding every day.

- Leopoldo Garcia

Absolutely great form builder. For noobs like me there is nothing else that can be better!

- Tim Cage

I was looking for something like that for a long time - and finally found it!!! Already shared among friends, because this is really one of the best "web dev" tools.

- Marko

Finally, yesterday I created a new gmail account and works ok. So the problem is solved. Thanks for your suppont, your site is really good and easy. (I am a Medical Doctor, with no knowledge of programming).

- Dr. Sebastián

Thanks for making such a simple and easy way to create forms! You have saved me hours of work. Enjoy your coffee!

- Paul Hildmann

That worked perfect and the form looks excellent, I looked at a number of different scripts and yours was the most straight forward one I found. I also like that I can edit it to my liking. Great job.

- Frank Mardian

Excellent form! Looks good and actually works. Thanks so much.

- MG

Your site is so user friendly and easy, yes sir, I'd save time and money, keep up the good work!

- Carlos Rodriguez

One of the best and easiest form builders out there! From simple forms to complicated registration forms, it has been a time and life-saver!

- Darryl Oliver